Rates & Scheduling

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Therapeutic Bodywork (Amma Therapy)

30 minutes  $40          60 minutes   $75            90 minutes  $100

Oncology Massage
First treatment– $90              60 minutes  $75       90 minutes   $100
Prenatal Massage
30 minutes  $40          60 minutes   $75            90 minutes  $100

Adjunct Modalities          

Gua Sha, Moxa, and Fire Cupping

Because each modality can have specific beneficial effects on the body, the adjunct therapies (gua sha, moxa, fire cupping) may be integrated into the treatment plan only upon assessment.  For this reason, I do not separately book these therapies. If you are interested in trying one in particular, please let me know.


Location: 11 Haydenberry Dr., Suite 102, Milton, VT, 05468   in Lighthouse Chiropractic

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